Press Start

This blog was inspired by two of my favorite hobbies; gaming and gourmet.

You’ll be seeing some reviews and essays on games and gaming in general. Coupled with this, you will also find some tasty recipes, and other ramblings on food.

I, of course, take requests!

For now, stay tuned for an upcoming review of “Tomb Raider: Underworld” and the delicious, first recipe.


About ourladywar

I love food and I love games. When I'm not stuffing my face or throwing my controller against the wall, I work as a full-time line chef. I am also trying to launch my own catering company. Otherwise? I act and I write to make sure the hobbies get their due. Thanks for checking me out!
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1 Response to Press Start

  1. jessmar says:

    While I can't say I do alot of video gaming, a foodie blog is always of interest to me. This looks like it will be a good one! Looking forward to seeing more.

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