So, on the way back home yesterday my stomach was seized by a vicious stomach bug that has reduced me to nibbling on apples, sucking down ginger ale, and picking through Luigi’s cherry Italian ice. What a foodie nightmare!

Not only that, but the funds are depleted.

I can definitely promise the Antivan stew and possibly Mabari crunch. In the future, should I get to the “Lyrium”, it will be posted.

Until then, I gotta recover.

Leave some love, and look for the Dragon Age recipe next Monday.

Hope everyone had a Happy New Year!

Before I got sick, I managed to shoot a couple sketches with Andy and the Digitribe crew. Check ’em out!


About ourladywar

I love food and I love games. When I'm not stuffing my face or throwing my controller against the wall, I work as a full-time line chef. I am also trying to launch my own catering company. Otherwise? I act and I write to make sure the hobbies get their due. Thanks for checking me out!
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